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Reaching your goals

Had a call with my coach today (Dr. Erin M. Baker) and we discussed some of my goals around content creation and sharing content. I'm bad about putting out content, not due to lack of things I want to say, but different fears around posting and sharing.

Erin said two things that were really helpful for me, and maybe they'll help you, too:

  1. Create and share the smallest possible thing so it's easy to get out there. For me that means publishing things that aren't perfect and are in "notes" or "garden" format... something I think @chrisbiscardi has talked about a lot. Being able to hit publish and qualify that the thing is a work in progress is very helpful for me in reducing fear, and something I've already started trying.

  2. Build up your muscles with creating and sharing content. I have a few complex, huge, and probably controversial ideas that are important to me. They've been merging in my mind so long that now they almost feel like a part of my identity (identity is a whole other can of worms for a different day). So instead of trying to craft and share this huge, complex idea that I care a LOT about, instead create and share smaller things that are still interesting to me but I'll care less about if they get negative, or zero, attention. Just like you wouldn't go to the gym and immediately try to lift a 100lb weight, don't start with your 100lb posts... start with a 5 pounder and work up from there.

The idea of building up a sharing muscle kind of blew my mind. It makes a lot of sense, but I've never really thought of it that way.

Anyway, I hope this helps you as much as it helped me. I think this framing can be applied to most goals, products, content, whatever!

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