marisa morby

Hey there, I'm Marisa.

I'm passionate about Design & Research, focusing my work on making tech approachable, advocating for climate justice, and urban planning. This site, like me, is a work in progress, so you'll see things come and go as I learn and change based on new information.

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Every week(ish) I'll compile articles at the intersection of research, design, and tech to help us imagine a better relationship with nature as we address the climate crisis.

My Mission

In many cases, I think the biggest impact we can make is through focused, incremental change — like an ocean tide rolling over the sand that slowly changes an entire landscape. I believe thoughtful research and design can have a huge, long-lasting, and positive impact. I love spending time on projects and ideas that make us kinder as people, healthier as a planet, and happier with ourselves.

I love sharing what I’m learning

I have a few hobbies and interests that I've fallen really hard for, and love sharing those things with people like you! You'll find articles about design systems, urban design, research, projects, and skills I’ve gained over the years in an effort to help teach others. There's a lot already there, and more to come! See my writing here.

How I work