Marisa Morby

Hello. I’m Marisa.

I do UX Design, Research, and Product Strategy. I focus my work on new technologies, reducing climate impact, and urban planning.

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My Mission

In many cases, I think the biggest impact we can make is through focused, incremental change — like an ocean tide rolling over the sand that slowly changes an entire landscape. I believe thoughtful research and design can have a huge and long-lasting positive impact. I do my best to focus on projects and ideas that make us kinder as people, healthier as a planet, and happier with ourselves.

I’ve researched and designed processes and products

  • Conducted research studies for product creation, product design, and conversion optimization
  • Designed customer journeys, wireframes, and product prototypes
  • Led research and design workshops to help cross-functional teams collaborate

In each of these projects, I have made clients hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in additional revenue through A/B testing, research, and design changes and adoption. And through research I've helped teams identify their audience and find product-market fit.

My Superpowers

  • I combine the best ideas from broad areas of study, including behavioral psychology, natural systems, and business, to discover not just what is happening, but why it’s happening, so we can confidently define what we need to learn and how to get there
  • I’m a master of identifying the highest-impact problems and working on cross-functional teams toward solutions that get great results

I love writing about what I’ve learned

I write about design, research, projects, and skills that I’ve gained over the years in an effort to help teach others. See my writing here.


I speak about incorporating research into all phases of product creation and development to increase adoption and optimization, how to create and lead high-performing cross-functional teams, and how the intersection of data and research impacts our lives.

Some of My Previous Talks

You can also see a full list of my talks or check out my current presentations on GitHub.

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What People Say About Me

Marisa helped us set our goals as a team for growing our practices and led our strategy for how to best demonstrate value to our internal stakeholders. To say Marisa was effective would be a massive understatement! Within three months, our research team introduced four new methods, and entirely new product offering, and began to be included in the formative strategy for client engagements.

– Catherine Chiodo (former team member)

Marisa is someone who is confident in her abilities in Digital Optimization and user Experience Research while also being open to hearing ideas from other team members. She is also an extremely thoughtful human being which makes her an excellent colleague. The combination of Marisa being knowledgeable, transparent, and people-focused is what makes her a phenomenal leader!

– Quincy Louis DeShaun (former coworker)

While working with Marisa, she showed extreme breadth and depth with her skill. She is a naturally talented researcher, thinks strategically and seems to always be able to parse the forest through the trees, is someone naturally trusting for her colleagues and clients, and always delivers.

– Sarah Kettles (former coworker)

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You can also find me on: Twitter · LinkedIn