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One Touch Away

Tonight the sky is dark
And the clouds congregate angrily

But I see you always
On a sun-filled day
With blurred edges like an old photo
Squinting through your smile
And loving the camera
I see you in front of our table
Filled with breakfast pastries
All of which we will finish
Along with two cups of tea

Then I open my eyes
And see the night
Holding tightly to the last bit of earth
Refusing to give way
I see the clouds
Hardened on the edges
And full of contempt
I close my eyes

And we are sailing through the water
Hiking on a moon-filled trail
Dancing and laughing and
Making so much noise
That people can’t help
But laugh along with us

I open my eyes
To rain falling softly
Smelling so strongly of earth and life
That I begin to fear
The death of hope inside of me
I close my eyes

And I can almost see
Your lovely features
The color of your skin
The wonderful smell that lingers
On your pillow
Your pale blue eyes
Or perhaps green, or brown
That smile
Even when your mouth does not
Your pale skin
Or perhaps your dark tan
I can almost see you
But then again
Maybe not

I open my eyes
To a room filled with bright
Incandescent light
I close my eyes

And you are
Holding me
Loving me
Wanting me for all that I am

I open my eyes
And you are always


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