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Getting Started in UX Research

Last year a friend mentioned that his fiancé was interested in getting into UX Research, although that hadn't been her first career path. "Could I offer any advice," he asked, "since this wasn't my first career either?"

I wrote up a quick guide on what worked for me, and resources I used. Since I first started in UX Research several years ago, I've gone from a UX Researcher to a Product Manager and am currently a Senior Design Researcher at Netlify. The linked post covers how I first got started in UX Research and will hopefully be helpful for those just getting started.

It's still a Google Doc, because I'm a terrible person who keeps my writing in like 5 different places (save me from myself), but it's got links and some (hopefully) helpful things to get you started.

Check out my (not comprehensive) guide on Getting Started in UX Research

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