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How to create a research program

So what's this post all about then?

I've had the opportunity in my career to work with some fantastic researchers, designers, and product managers. In these roles I've been able to create research programs where there wasn't one before.

Companies have been investing more in customer insights and research for a few years now, but with teams sometimes remaining small, or, like right now, not growing at all because of what's happening with COVID-19, we're all trying to learn how to do more with less.

So if you're a research team of one, I'm here for you. Let's talk about how you can continue to get your company great insights when it's just you at the wheel.

Some Disclaimers

Research goes through cycles just like any other product lifecycle. Your program will change and grow as your team, tools, and customers change and grow.

Since this is a long list, I'll be updating it as I have time. If you'd like to see something discussed that isn't mentioned here, send me an email at

Creating a framework

Identify your philosophy

Identify your process

Measuring success

Identify metrics

Identify process

Figure out scale

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