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We all belong in the climate conversation

I really enjoy my day job. I work at a company full of smart and caring people. We have autonomy over our work, and I get to talk with our user base and help design solutions to solve their problems. I have a lot of fun.

But as soon as I log off of work, I'm follow up on local climate measures, writing letters for public comment, or meeting with local climate committees. Sometimes I wonder if i should just go all in and devote all my time and effor to this. It's a systemic problem and feels very overwhelming.

And that's actually one of the reasons I haven't left my job and gone all in. It's a systemic problem, which means our impact needs to be made system wide—in every area and industry—including tech. The business decisions we make in these companies do have a climate impact.

I need to advocate locally, but I can also advocate for sustainability and raise my voice about the issue at work, too. Climate change is going to completely change the way we live. From how we go about our lives to how we do business.

We all need to be advocates in this conversation, pushing forward the conversation so it doesn't go away. And that means advocating in whatever way you can, wherever you can spend your time.

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