A Little About Me


I’m a Product Manager currently working in optimization, testing, and data driven design. Living and playing in Austin, TX!

Who I am

  • A constant learner who’s curious about new things that I haven’t read, tried, or seen yet.
  • When I’m not writing code or designing, I’m usually baking, singing, cooking, or traveling.
  • My love for burritos and puppies knows no bounds.

What I Do

  • Design with a full spectrum of methods from UX to visual design to UI
  • Approach all my work with empathy, curiosity, and user-centered focus
  • Network and connect people to create a strong and supportive community

How I Work

  • Collaborative worker who’s great at bringing teams together for a common cause
  • Use data to pinpoint areas for improvement and provide creative boundaries to work within
  • Rapidly iterate and prototype so that we can find the best solution, fast

Want to Learn More?

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