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How to communicate research results

Need to update this with visual examples

Show the biggest points of failure and distill down to the leverage point

Example: A community sign up flow for an app is failing to pull in visitors. After analysis, the cause can be distilled down to one screen that is confusing the user.

This helps focus your initial conversation around points of interaction for the user. Points of interaction are important because this is where users are making decisions or in the process of completing a task.

Communicate how it fails, why it matters to the user, and what can be done differently

Example: The sign up screen is a major point of failure because <explanation of how it's failing the user>. To fix this we need to . If we don't do this users will remain confused and not sign up.

Communicate the value

How will making proposed changes help the stakeholder's team?

Break things down into manageable pieces that allow people to "zoom in"

Show how the "zoomed in" piece fits in to the larger whole

Show real use cases when possible

Back it up with analytics

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