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Collaborating with nature: IOT for growing plants

Goal (Near term): Make it easier for people to monitor the water level of all indoor plants.

Goal (Long term): Create a digital ecosystem for people's indoor plants where they can learn, engage, and share with a community.

Problem: Plants need maintenance in order to thrive, and there are two common problems when people first by plants indoors. First is that they don't know what they're doing, so they accidentally kill their plants. This is overwhelmingly done by overwatering, as underwatering will damage your plant but people typically catch it in time. Much more insidious is overwatering because the plant goes from being relatively healthy to sick, rotted, and then dead.

It's hard to tell that you've overwatered until there are symptoms. And symptoms can range anywhere from leaf browning to the plant becoming mushy.

The other problem that people typically encounter is that they have so many plants it becomes hard to remember / track / know which plants need water with a reasonable amount of effort. You can alway manually check your plants, and you should, but for people with busy schedules this isn't always possible. Device that tracks:

Then you have an app where you can add type of plant and a picture of your plant that you upload. It maps the current levels against the ideal levels for the type of plant. you own.

It alerts you to specific plants when they need:

It gives annual reminders to repot or trim based on the plants growth cycle, and tips on what to do with your plants each quarter. Ex. It's March, now's a great time to trim new growth. Here's how to do it for these 3 plants that we know you have.

You could also create:

Money from purchases can also partially go to a charity.

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